Frequently Asked Questions

1.      What is the Hunter Homebrew Competion

The Hunter Homebrew Competiion for 2023 allows resident brewers to have their beer evaluated by trained judges to provide feedback and a quality score. Placing (1st, 2nd or 3rd) in any of the four categories at this competition will receive a prize and certificate. A Champion Beer and a Champion Brewer will also be decided.

2.      Where and when is it being held?

Judging is scheduled for Saturday, 24th June 2023. Your entry must be received at one of the competition drop-off locations by the close of business on Wednesday 14th June. Late entries cannot be accepted under any circumstances.

Judging is being held in Newcastle at Hamilton North Bowling Club - 31 Boreas Rd, Broadmeadow NSW. The venue has many public transport connections including a 15 minute walk from Broadmeadow Railway station and a bus stop around the corner.

3.      How do I enter the Competition?

Entries may only be made via the competition website (, and must comply with the Competition Conditions of Entry. Please use the list of Categories and Styles (links on the left hand side of the page) to locate the correct style for each of your entries. Verify that the style is the most appropriate, enter additional style information (if required) and the number of bottles that you will be sending for this entry. Please enter this accurately as it will be used during sorting and judging.

Hit the Add Entry button to submit your entry - continue to select and add each entry that you wish to submit. After registration and payment method selection, labels will be automatically generated for printing and attaching to your bottles.

To allow proper evaluation by the judges, a minimum of 750ml is needed to be submitted for each entry - preferably two (2) bottles of at least 375ml. The first is used to evaluate the beer against the entered style guidelines and the second used for Champion Beer evaluation (if required). It should be noted that while it is possible to submit a single 750ml bottle, this may disadvantage the entry as only the remainder of the bottle will be available for Champion Beer evaluation – possibly at a considerable time later. Bottles will be re-capped and kept cool but the large head space may lead to it being flat and heavily oxidised. While canned entries are acceptable, there is no way to re-seal them so the contents of opened cans will be discarded and the second can used if available.

If you have an issue with an entry or a question, simply reply to the Confirmation email - or contact us by sending an email to: and one of our organising committee will get back to you.

4.      How much does each entry cost?

Each entry will cost $10.00 (including GST and payment transaction fees) and must be paid electronically prior to the entry closing date (5pm on Wednesday 14th June). Entries unpaid at this date will be rejected or may be accepted at the sole discretion of the organising committee.

5.      Why can't I send Cash or a Cheque with my bottles like in previous competitions?

Payment must be made electronically by bank transfer or PayPal.

Keeping track of cash or cheque payments while unpacking 200 entries is an unacceptable security and handling risk. PayPal is a secure, cost-effective way to send money electronically using a number of traditional payment methods - credit card, debit card, bank account or even interest and fee free buy now and pay later.

Although PayPal is not a bank it is still subject to all of the rules and regulations governing the financial industry including a limited operation as an Australian Deposit-taking Institution (ADI), Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC). PayPal Australia also subscribes to the ASIC’s voluntary ePayments Code of Conduct which protect consumers from unauthorised transactions.

6.      What prizes are available?

Champion Beer – determined by Best of Show style taste-off.
Champion Brewer – points awarded for each placing.
Each Category namely: Ale, Lager, Dark and Strong, and Specialty be awarded 1st, 2nd or 3rd place and be listed in the results shown on the competition website and announced in relevant Social Media channels. Please support our generous sponsors who have made this competition possible.

7.      Where can I find all the Competition Rules?

The Competition Rules are contained in the Conditions of Entry. How we collect and safeguard your personal information is detailed our Privacy and Security Policy.

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