Just pour the beer, take it to the judges table - it all sounds rather simple to run a competition. It is – in principle.

But when you consider that there are hundreds upon hundreds of entries, all being delivered at different times to different tables while stripped of all familiar branding. Entries need to be sorted and served in the correct order and at the correct temperature for the style. Then there are the score sheets and other materials to be distributed to the tables and completed score sheets collected, checked, collated and entered into the computer.

A steward serves the judges their samples during a beer competition. They also sort entries and score sheets and help ensure each competition is executed with care and professionalism. Stewarding provides incredible training - not only in beer styles and evaluation, but all aspects of brewing materials, techniques and faults. Plus you will get to taste some great beers!

Please volunteer to help - even a few hours will be greatly appreciated. If you don't feel comfortable enough to judge or steward, there are numerous other ways that you can help. To allow us to keep in touch with you, please supply the following information.

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If you are a BJCP qualified Judge:

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Non-BJCP Qualifications:

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Certified Cicerone   Adv. Cicerone  Master Cicerone
Sensory Training  

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